Erikson Institute welcomes early childhood representatives from China

Visiting directors, investors and teachers are part of Erikson’s China Initiative

Erikson Institute recently welcomed a group of directors, investors and experienced teachers working with the largest private provider of early childhood education and care in China as part of our groundbreaking China Initiative.

The China Initiative brings together professionals from Red Yellow Blue Education Technology Development Company with Erikson faculty and staff who share knowledge of early childhood theory and teacher training in the United States.

“Though we are two institutions from different parts of the world, I believe we are of one mind,” Geoffrey A. Nagle, PhD, Erikson Institute president and chief executive officer, said in welcoming the delegation. “We share a dedication to help each child reach his or her full potential by providing the best-prepared early childhood professionals in the world.

“Our commitment to this mission has made each of our institutions a leader in the field of early childhood education. It is because we share this passion for serving children and their families, and because we are dedicated to excellence and innovation in this endeavor, that our partnership will make both of our institutions even stronger.”

After the opening ceremony, the delegation – which was the RYB’s ninth visit to Erikson – broke up into small groups and participated in a program that covered culture differences between the United States and China. During their five-day trip, the RYB group visited the Chicago Children’s Museum, the Old Town School of Folk Music, and several preschools.

In 2015, Erikson Institute formed a partnership with RYB. Throughout the five-year program, professionals from both organizations learn from one another online, in-person in Chicago, and in-person in China. RYB educators benefit from the rich understanding of early childhood theory and educational best practices that Erikson brings to the partnership.

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